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General Astrology. Aries Season

Aries Season - The Time to take Action - 21 March - Symbol: The Ram - Element :Fire - Mode :Cardinal - Ruler: Mars

This is the most exciting time of the year....! it is the beginning of the astrological year. The sign of Aries together with the first house of the zodiac wheel, and the planet Mars, belongs to the "Life Givers", together with Leo and Sagittarius, the other two Fire Signs. Aries' motto is, "I have a right to be here, stand back if you value your life!" Where you have Aries in your chart, you need to learn courage, and develop initiative. You must cultivate the ability to claim what is rightfully yours! But first things, first...

Aries is concerned with new beginnings. It's trait and vulnerability is to be first, which makes it competitive and impetuous. These are qualities that go with youth, vitality and the pioneering spirit. Aries is a pro-active sign that needs action, and something or someone to fight for. Sometimes impulsive and impatient, it's enthusiasm can spur others into action. The ram is self-motivated and does not seek approval, permission or co-operation of others. The purpose of Aries is to initiate, not necessarily to complete! Aries is great at just doing, getting on with it, being included in whatever the project may be. Aries' Fire-energy must have a release, otherwise the built up energy could come out in a sudden fight, if internalized it could manifest as depression. One of Aries' preferred release would be....you guessed it, making love! Sex heals. Sex bridged distance. Sex melts ice.

Where we have Aries in the chart, this shows the area of life where we may express our daring side, and where we may be willing and courageous, to start anew. It can also be an area where we act first and think later, especially with a transit. For instance, Aries on the Fifth House cusp may imply that fun and creativity, or taking part in a sport or having an affair, that spurs one into action. All in all, Aries likes directness, say it as it is, with passion and enthusiasm, and they are always up for a challenge!!

General Astrology. Sagittarius 23rd November to 21st December

Sagittarius season 23rd November to 21st December - Sagittarius key words: Upbeat, positive, world traveler, philosopher, educator, teacher, freedom seeker, explorer

We are speedily galloping through Sagittarius season, aiming the arrow high into the skies. The adventure is to discover where the arrow has landed. The Sag season starts on the 23rd November and ends on the 21st of December. Key words are Philosophical, Visionary, Independent, Enthusiastic, Honest, Optimistic. Sagittarius sets her mind high on the next adventure in mind, body and spirit, hoping to find something larger than herself. She is open and candid, and says its as it is. A mutable fire sign, she is impulsive and brings expansion to every area of life. Expect change, constant motion and occasionally attention grabbing excesses. Sagittarius is ruled by the charmed planet Jupiter. Naturally optimistic, she thinks things will go well - and most often they do. Even if she stumbles, she will pick herself up, and will be excited that she has learnt something along the way. Sagittarians make excellent coaches and sales people, due to their enthusiasm, and can apply spin to just about anything. This sign rules media, publishing, teaching and working with foreign cultures. As long as it expands her world and allows her freedom combined with flexibility. Forever seeking knowledge and ultimate truth, Sag can be a perpetual student and live the academic dream. Her glyph is an arrow. In astrology , arrows symbolise energy that needs external expression. This energy is upbeat enthusiasm that spreads like wildfire. She love the thrill of the chase, but can back away from intimacy and commitment when one-on-one. Her first love is Freedom. When she views her work as done or life around her looses its sparkle, Sag takes a giant leap into pastures new. Her goals are set far into the distance, and she is excited and motivated to push herself past all limits. The symbol of Sagittarius is the centaur, half horse, which means her body brings her back down to earth and into balance. The double nature of this sign means that Sag can integrate both body and mind to move in unison.
Posted on 24/11/2019

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