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Jacqueline Saednejad Consultant Astrologer Cobham, Surrey, UK

What can Astrology do for you?. Jackie 3

Perspective, Awareness and Self-Understanding

Astrology is the study of the planets as they orbit through the zodiac signs, as viewed from the Earth, and the observed correlations with earthly events. An individual's birth is an earthly event, and astrology describes the correspondences between the planetary positions on any given birth date, and that person's character.

Everyone is born with a set of planets in specific signs, houses and in aspect to one another. This reveals our drives and life stories - a range of possible events, situations, and encounters. Through people and circumstances we meet in life, these drives and scripts are brought out and encourage us to become more aware of our horoscope themes, and choose different ways to experience and live the planetary placements.

We are drawn to life stories that express natal horoscope themes, and these play out at specific times in our life. Through exploring the astrology chart we become more consciously aware of the different themes and events with which we "practice" ways of relating and living with people. We discover which patterns benefit us, and which are unhelpful, and consequently we can choose to make better living choices. Astrology addresses deeper questions of meaning and purpose but allows every person to make their own life choices.

"The point is not to try to change ourselves away, and become something better. It's about befriending who we are already"! Virginia Bell

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