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Jacqueline Saednejad Consultant Astrologer Cobham, Surrey, UK

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I am Jacqueline, and I practice Astrology in Cobham, Surrey.

This website is currently under reconstruction/redesign until end of October, 2019. If you are interested in a Astrology Consultation please contact me on:
[email protected], or [email protected]

So if you are seriously interested to find out more, do contact me now! I look forward to hearing from you. But for now a little about Astrology.

Your Natal Birth Chart is your blue print to life. This is your own personal story of what you are made up of. It shows for example how you love, and what attracts you in a partner, how you like to be nurtured, and how you nurture others, whether you are great with words or numbers, maybe you are the sporty type, or have a passion for travelling, and many more characteristics .This is the beginning of your story, and where we start in an astrology consultation, or conversation, as I would term it. The Zodiac signs, planets and houses tell a story. They communicate with each other, and as the astrologer, I interpret the symbols for you, to get a picture of your potentials and possibilities in this life.
We always start with the natal chart as a basis, and there is a lot of information for you to take in. After the initial conversation, we can then have a look where the planets are at present, next month or next year, and combine these with your natal story, to see what is happening for you at that moment. Meeting an astrologer is a conversation about you, your life, where you are now, and where you may want to go.
Astrology will simply give you a different perspective on your life, one well worth exploring. I do not use psychological jargons. I will tell you your story as the planets show it. I am a human with life experience. A non-judgemental optimist, who looks at any situation from all angles, and then suggests the best and balanced strategy forward for you. Intrigued?

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