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Hello, I am Jacqueline, a consultant Astrologer in Cobham, Surrey, UK. Equilibrium is dedicated to provide you with a "road map" to create a balanced life, and to grow into your full potential. The natal horoscope can reveal a person's character, their aspirations, love and emotions, and the possibility for skills to be discovered. Astrology offers a different perspective on life, and ties in with the search for meaning in life. It is not something that merely happens in the sky, it is within every one of us too, and can be a valuable tool for self-understanding and growth. Life is a series of cycles each and every one of us has to live through them. With the symbolic language of Astrology we have a valuable guidance system to help us navigate these important passages.

What can the Astrologer tell you?

The birth chart describes our strengths, gifts and goals, and how to best achieve them. It tells us what we need to stay happy and healthy, how we love and express anger, and also our challenges and where we feel vulnerable. I can give you a non-judgmental view of who you are, and what is happening in your life presently. I can also point out what life cycle you are currently experiencing , and how to respond to challenges these passages of life bring. You have the freedom and you make the choices to experience them consciously or unconsciously, awake or asleep, with fear or with love.

What happens in an astrology consultation?

The astrology consultation is a dialogue, a conversation about what is happening right now, and importantly why it's happening! This I can perceive purely from interpreting the symbols and their relationships to each other in the natal chart. I do not know how you are living out your chart, as you have free will in how to live your life. You are far more familiar with its contents than I am , I see it from a distanced point of view, and I am not caught up in your stories. The goal is to get you in touch with your essence of who you are, so that you can go out into life and express that essence however you want.

Your chart as a road map

The way you travel through life is entirely up to you. Metaphorically speaking, you can travel by limousine or with a VW Beetle, take in the usual sights or make it an adventure, drive through mountains or take the long scenic route around, stop and start again any time, and occasionally get stuck with no idea how to proceed. We come with instructions into this life; that's the birth chart. it tells us our likes and needs, our motivations, comforts and discomforts our struggles and fears, our talents and aspirations. Astrology is a magical realm, filled with mythology, archetypes and stories that can capture your imagination and open your mind. Nothing is preordained, we must participate fully with the process. The birth chart is merely a potential of what could be when we get it right.

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